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Welcome to what we affectionately call “Wynsum Pty Ltd” (Wynsum coming from the Old English word for beauty, joy, and delightful).

From the very beginnings of Wynsum we wanted to use our talents in clothing design and fabrication to create experiences for women to feel beautiful.  Even more than that, we wanted to use modest fashion to instill in women a sense of their inherent, God-given beauty and worth.  We truly believe womanhood at its essence is beautiful.  But we see how cultural expectations of women and unattainable standards for beauty leave many feeling reduced to something less than they are.

To combat the adverse effects of beauty-culture, we are restoring the definition of feminine beauty to include not only its physical manifestations, but its more subtle, and more powerful expressions through a woman’s character.  Happiness, kindness, love, confidence, and humility are essential to being beautiful.  This is what #beingwynsum is—boldly releasing the Divine that exists in all of us.

Our purpose is to empower women to be Wynsum Women—women who are joyful, hopeful even in the midst of challenges, seekers of knowledge, confident despite their imperfection, intentional with the use of their time and resources, resilient, wise, humble because they recognize and honor their own limitations—women who carry a willingness to celebrate the accomplishments of others and desire to lift others with their unique talents and beauty.

We promise to create dresses that compliment you and your distinct figure, allow you to feel beautiful and modest (a hard combination to find, we know!), and instill in you the confidence to be the best version of yourself.

We also promise to create media content that uplifts and inspires, to give you opportunities to rejoice in the beauty of women, praise other women, serve other women, and love other women. (Have you checked out our Wynsum EMPOWER project yet?!!)

Please join us on this journey to become Wynsum.

We have poured our hearts and souls into this launch collection, and hope it speaks to you the same way it speaks to us.

Much love,

Deanie & Megs xx

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