“We have but two ears and one mouth so that we may listen twice as much as we speak.” —Thomas Edison


I have a friend I get so chatty around.  It surprises me every time.  I have thought about what it is that she does to get me to talk so much… and its not just about the little things—I freely share my heart, my fears, my sadness, my secrets.


It has come down to three things.  Number 1- she asks good questions—the open-ended kind, the probing kind, the “How do you feel about that?” kind.  Number 2- she listens.  She listens intently, sincerely, affirmingly, quietly, and without judgment.  And number 3- when she does speak, she asks more questions.


Oh the power in her because of this gift for listening!  She helps me articulate my concerns and then guides me to find my own solutions.  She trusts in my capacity to think, to learn, to find wisdom.  And, she helps me feel deeply understood.  Her talent for listening empowers me.


I believe, as we are on this journey to become wynsum, listening is a skill worth learning.  Listening is the gateway to another person’s soul.  It is a gift we can give to one another as we share in our joys and our heartaches.  The human body was not created to keep all of our thoughts and emotions inside.  It stores feelings in it’s muscles and bones, making us literally stiff and stuck in our worry and sadness unless we can get it out


Do you know a good listener?  Tell us about them!

be wynsum,

Deanie & Megs xx