Have you ever watched videos on what it’s like to live in space?  They are absolutely fascinating.  The “how to wash your hair in space” is my favorite!

In space water floats, hair stands on end, there is no up or down orientation, plants grow in every which way, and toilets have vacuums in them to suck out the waste.  This is all because of the absence of gravity.

Gravity’s grounding force is bonding and binding.  It gives structure to all aspects of the physical world and is a prerequisite for life.  Gravity is also responsible for creating the universe.   It is, by all accounts, a BIG deal.

I learned recently while reading a children’s book (turns out I learn a lot from children’s books 😂) that the moon’s gravitational pull on the earth keeps the earth stabilized in its orbit—this is essential for maintaining habitable temperature patterns on the earth.  The ocean’s tide, another phenomenon caused by the moon, is also vital for life on the planet.

Life can feel like outer space sometimes, can’t it?  Chaotic, inhospitable, unpredictable, uncontrollable, and even though you see what you want out there, there is no way to get to it without astronomical efforts (like a literal rocket attached to you).  The way gravity creates an environment for life to exist makes me wonder if there are metaphysical forces that can likewise keep me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually grounded, properly oriented, and stabilized through my life.

I think Gratitude might be one of these forces.

Gratitude gives proper perspective.  It increases empathy and reduces aggression, combats envy and resentment, frustration and regret.  It can even prevent us from drifting off into the dangerous space of comparison.  Ultimately, gratitude has the power to create order in our hearts and minds so that we can thrive.  In fact, according to the incomparable #brenebrown (do you know who she is?  Oh my goodness… talk about life-changing!), her research suggests that joy is impossible to achieve without gratitude.

I suddenly feel the need to go do mountain pose and contemplate the majesty of feeling grounded, balanced, strong, and immovable.  I’ll breathe in gratitude and exhale joy.  Namaste.


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Photo Credit Zero Gravity by Nikolay Tikhomirov