Did you know there is a legitimate therapy practice based on laughter?  Laughter Yoga is also a thing.  (Look it up for some seriously entertaining videos on YouTube.)  Come to find out, there is a medical field of study dedicated to the effects of laughter on the body. The belief is that laughter can have a major impact on health.  One researcher even discovered that laughter enhanced the activity of certain immune system cells responsible for killing infectious diseases.  What?!!  That’s amazing.  Not only that, but laughter causes the pituitary gland to release its own opiates to suppress pain.  Laughter makes stress reduce, antibody levels rise, oxygen and blood flow increase, blood pressure decrease, and releases endorphins to make you not only feel happier, but become physically healthier.


For cancer patients and caregivers, laughter has shown to be particularly powerful.  In fact, many children’s hospitals hire “clown doctors” to come entertain patients.  (Think Patch Adams!) The effects are astounding.


Isn’t it interesting how our bodies naturally respond to a smile by smiling, or laughter by laughing?!  Similarly, our bodies also reciprocate yawns, anger, fear, etc.  There is so much power in us to spread joy or despair.


For those of you seeking to serve and lift others, share your smile, your laugh, and your joy liberally.


For those of you who are trudging through life’s deepest challenges, we hope someone will bring you laughter today.

What are some ways you fill your life with laughter?  Share with us some of your favorite funny books, shows, jokes, and people!


be wynsum,


Deanie & Megs xx