Welcome to what we call ‘Wynsum Pty Ltd’. You know when you just meet a kindred spirit? Someone you just instantly feel at home with, that you might have been sisters in another life? Thats us! We met when Deanie commissioned Megs to design her two daughters wedding dresses. Over the fittings we realised we had a lot more in common than we first thought!! With Deanie’s bridal/millinery back ground, it was so easy to get chatting! That feeling when you meet someone and you just get on. Priceless!

So when Deanie had a desire to create a fashion label of modern and modest dresses, she naturally turned to Megs, and as if Megs wouldn’t jump on board!! Modest dresses are hard to find, especially when you want something special.

Megs had the industry experience and skills and Deanie had the vision of gorgeous yet modest dresses. 

A few weeks later marked the beginning of ‘Wynsum’. We were both totally obsessed with the modest dresses of the 1910’s, finding it both divine and romantic. That shared love of the era became the cornerstone of the brand and served as the inspiration for our range. We have poured our heart and soul into this launch collection and hope that it speaks to you the same way it speaks to us.

Thanks for joining us on this wonderful journey.


Deanie & Megs